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  • The tipping point of Artists’ Estates: A Forecast

    September 2017
    The forecast discusses the importance of Artists’ Estates in the securing of practitioners’ legacies, as well as its burgeoning relevance in the art market. What in the past concerned mostly late-career artists is defined here as a crucial step in the path of all those who intend to be key players in an increasingly professionalised artworld. The forecast outlines the key issues governing an estate: from the long-term benefits provided to artists and heirs, to the risks associated with a lack of management and planning. Moreover, it emphasises the necessity for artists to develop a cohesive professional strategy for the future preservation of their legacy that aligns with their present career.

    Please click on the following link to download a complimentary digital copy in pdf.
    AI21C_Report_Artists’ Estates

    de Oliveira, N.: The Tipping Point of Artists’ Estates: A Forecast, by Art Institutions of the 21st Century for Alaska Editions, London, 2017


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