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  • Going Public

    April 2016
    Jointly commissioned by Montabonel & Partners and Museums Sheffield, this comprehensive report was written by respected journalist Louisa Buck to contextualise the project Going Public, as well as to record the knowledge generated at its eponymous symposium. Hosted by Sheffield Hallam University, it engaged respected figures from public museums, private collections, funding bodies and the political sphere on the question ‘How can the public and private sectors work together more effectively?’

    The exhibition Going Public: International Art Collectors in Sheffield, co-originated by Mark Doyle and Sébastien Montabonel and led by Museums Sheffield, brought exhibitions of outstanding contemporary and modern art to Sheffield and attracted more than 55,000 visitors.

    In his introduction to Going Public, Ed Vaizey cited ‘placemaking’ as a central theme of his DCMS Cultural Heritage White Paper. Nothing is more intrinsic to a town or city’s identity and sense of place than its public museums and art galleries and their guaranteed wellbeing and that of their collections therefore need to be at the centre of any policy connected with the making and establishing of place. Inspirational civic spaces and constitute a key part of a local story which, if told with sufficient energy and enthusiasm, can be a main driver in the prosperity of a region.

    The overwhelming message of its multi-stranded explorations of the current and the future role of art philanthropy is given multiple voices in the report, placing it at the centre of a strategic approach to visionary place-making. The report also emphasized a need for sustained investment in talent and inspirational leadership. And finally, the belief reiterated by all involved is that to thrive and prosper, philanthropy must operate within a mixed economy with prominent government funding.

    Please click on the following link to download a complimentary digital copy in pdf.

    Buck, L.: Going Public, London, 2017

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